Themed Gambling

If you've ever played games at a casino, you'll know that it might be a little confusing the first time, and even if you've read a few tutorials there's nothing quite like actually taking on a game or five for picking up skills to use at the casino!

However, with themed games you're at a big advantage if you're a fan of one of those themes. Remember how confusing pinball bonuses were, years ago? All those themed pinball tables were great visual indicators of what the big wins were, where not to go, and overall all the visual cues helped people get into them a lot easier.

PartyCasino's Marvel themed slots

For example, there's PartyCasino's Marvel Slots - essentially the slots you all know and love, but with great Marvel superheroes, like Thor and Dr. Octopus! It's a fantastic approach to slots design, and it's a big appeal for everyone who grew up with Spiderman and the Incredible Hulk.

The reason themes like this make these games easier is because all the characters are so instantly recognisable. With complex symbols on slots, it's not always easy to tell if you've won, but with Marvel slots it's a simple task to spot The Human Torch three times in a row (here's a hint - he's on fire).

That site in particular is a great source of differently-themed games. Whether you're into literature (Alice in Wonderland), music (Sinatra) or even modern next-gen games like Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, you've got a theme to suit you. It's the closest thing to a personalised slot machine, and it's easy to share with your mates if you know other people who enjoy the same themes.

Other themed games

There are also themed poker tables, online scratchcards, and backgrounds for casino games. Customisability and themed games are the big thing on the web at the moment, and there are more popping up all the time. You may even find your favourite film being turned into one.

The best thing about themed slots is the huge prizes you'll find for the ones whose themes (like Marvel's) are huge franchises in other media. The Marvel slots games have seen jackpots at the $700k level, which is a huge amount, especially for pulling that virtual level and crossing your non-virtual fingers!

If you think a theme would be great, why not suggest it to your regular site? Big sites like PartyCasino have a huge community of players, and if they'd all be really into a Halo: Reach slot game, then why not email it in? You never know, you might one day be playing a game that you yourself suggested!

It has often been demonstrated that slots are by far the most enjoyable form of gambling to those new to the pastime. So take a look around and find your favourites. Win big, and enjoy some comic-themed action!