Online Gaming Communities

If you're just getting into gambling online, chances are you can feel fairly lonely if you've got no one you know in real life playing along with you. So the best thing to do when you've got no friends at a new office is to make friends, right? So why not apply that to your gambling experience?

There are loads of different options when it comes to the community that works best for you - you can meet online gamblers through Twitter, at forums like the Two Plus Two forum and, or you can even use chat software like IRC to find a channel that contains loads of people who just can't get enough of the online casino experience.

Finding the right username

Ensuring that you've got a good username (or "handle", for those new to the web) is a great start - find something that represents you, and allows you to showcase what sort of person you are without giving too much away. Avoid real names unless you're happy with people being able to Google you and get in touch. Usernames can usually be any combination of letters, numbers, and sometimes punctuation.

For example - texasholdemnumber1 is a great username example - it fills the criteria of a solid username - recognisable and within the "numbers and letters" criteria for username characters. It also tells people that not only are you a big fan of playing Texas Hold 'Em online or offline, but you're also really good at it - otherwise you'd be texasholdemnumber9999.

Finding the right forum

Then find the forum for you, and check to see if your username is free, before diving in. If it's not, don't worry - choose another or slightly alter yours, but know that if it's similar to one that's taken, getting a unique avatar (display picture) or signature (content shown after every one of your posts on a forum) will help people differentiate between you and your would-be doppleganger.

In no time at all you'll be posting away and chatting about your interests, be they gambling or something else - often discussions taking place in sub-forums marked with a title like "Off Topic". It's also possible to use the private messaging system to set up games, or find your friends' usernames on other sites, such as the online gaming sites they may use to get their own kicks!

Most importantly, it's where you'll do most of your learning outside actually playing the game. Veterans will really help you to gain new skills and develop strategies, so it's key that you talk to them if you're unsure of a rule, or you're having trouble with the same aspects of the games you're playing. Who knows - that betting strategy they teach you could just win you your next tournament.

Forums and communities on the web have, are, and always will be endless sources of information, camaraderie, and the strong sense of community you may not have access to anywhere near as quickly if you're just plugging away at your keyboard in an in-game chat room. So think of a username, find a forum, and get chatting!